About Us

As the brand owner as well as manufacturer of YiZYiF , ShenzhenshiShifangE- commerceCo.,Ltd(CHINA LIMITEDLIABILITY COMPANY)

Established in 2015, we specialize in clothing market. We design and manufacture Babies pants;Bathingsuits;Bibs,Cheongsams(Chinesegowns);
Children's an dinfant's apparel,namely, jumpers,over all sleepwear,pajamas,rompersand
One-plece gannents; Coats ;Coats for babies, children; Dresses for babies, children; Hosiery;
Jerseys;Outer jackets; Pyjamas; Shoes; Skirts; Trousers; Trousers for babies,Children; Underpants; Underwear;Wedding dresses; Wedding gowns; Baby layettes or clothing;
Clothing layettes; Korean outer jackets worn overbasicgarment;One-piece garments for children; Shirts for infants,babies,toddlersandchildren